Work Your Wizardry

From the homesite, walk another 200 m and stop where there is a clearing on the right. Stand in the middle of the clearing and face the river.

Woodens River is a mystical place where a friendly wizard named Revir has lived since ancient times. Revir helped this place become a wonderland of nature’s creations using a magical potion. But Dreeg, the ugly troll, is threatening to pollute the river and Revir has gone into hiding. Your challenge is to create more magical potion and release it upriver to help Revir. Along the way use it to explore the forest and the river. Good luck!

Put on your wizard’s hat (real or imagined) and find a wand. Search for a special stick shorter than a rabbit that can be transformed into a wand.

Find a good luck charm for your quest and initiate your wand:

  1. Find seven special natural things on the ground no bigger than your thumb.
  2. Arrange them in a horseshoe shape in a neat spot.
  3. Face your charm. Touch your head with your wand, plug your nose and say:

“Lucky shmucky, horseshoe spell, Lucky shmucky, wish me well.”

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