Warm Up

Go to the edge of the parking lot on the uphill side. Face uphill into the trees.

All of your hard work; using your imagination, playing outside, going on hikes with family, field trips and vacationing has really paid off. Your training as a Nature Adventurer is almost complete and you are now prepared to take up this challenge and play the Nature Games! Test your skills as you meet each Nature challenge and learn even more about the Nature in your community. If you succeed, your name may go up on the podium!

Make sure your imagination muscle is warmed up and ready to go. Play Animal Forms to begin.

  1. Stand in a circle and everyone think of your favourite animal. Don’t tell anyone.
  2. Each person takes a turn in the middle acting out their animal.
  3. The others are challenged with guessing the animal.
  4. The person who guesses correctly is the next one in the middle to act out their animal.

Now that everyone’s warmed up… Let The Games Begin!

Name your team. Come up with a good nature name for your group. As a suggestion, the first word could be an action word and the second word can be an animal… like the “Running Deer”.

Once you have a cool name, huddle up and everyone places a hand to touch in the middle. Give a cheer for your team and raise your hand in the air (write the name in the blanks):

“Go, Go, Go ___________________   ___________________!”

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