Time Travel Detectives Wanted

Start at the trail map sign at the start of the trail.

The Planet Earth has a secret message for its passengers. The challenge is that our 4.5-billion-year-old planet left the clues for us at 7 different times in history! To figure out the secret message, walk through this time-travel adventure.

Transporter Worms will take you back in time. Worms have the ability to travel through worm-holes in the spacetime continuum and they can take you along!

Before we go, we will need to give a gift along the way. Look at the ground and find something natural that is small and neat, no bigger than your thumbnail. Put it in your pocket for later.

Ready for a time-travel quest for Earth? Ok, here we go …

  1. Walk down just past the last railing pole and find a nice moist patch of earth off the trail.
  2. Look for worms under the leaves and in the dirt.
  3. If you find a worm, touch it gently. What does it feel like? If you don’t find a worm then stick your finger into the moist soil, like it is a worm moving through the earth.
  4. Say these magic words together…

Wiggle Like a Worm
Take us back to places past

Jump up and spin in the air, you are spinning through space and time down a worm-hole…

Now you are back in time. But, where in the past are you?… You have gone back to 150 million years ago! Hear the roaring in the background? Maybe it’s a waterfall, or maybe it’s a… dinosaur?

Albert Einstein’s Theory at Work

Einstein’s theory of General Relativity predicts the presence of wormholes linking the past to the present. Some starry night, look up into the sky. You are really looking back into time billions of years! Your eyes are time-travelling! COOL! So, let’s use these wormholes to travel back in time!

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