The Survival Challenge!

Enter the trail past the boulders and stop after 10 m.

Can you survive as a deer? Explore the path ahead. Use all of your deer senses to find the things you need to live. Will you become someone else’s dinner? The clues for survival also lead you to the hidden plaque! Are you ready to become a deer?

  • Put finger antlers on your head, shake your “tail” and look cool.
  • Hold up each hoof and explain to others why you can run so quietly.
  • Wiggle your nose and take a deep breath to sniff for danger.
  • Cup your ears with your hands and listen for enemies.

If you feel that it is safe, sneak up the trail on your tiptoes, taking cover behind trees as you go. If you sense trouble, snort to warn others. Everyone must hide behind a tree.

Do You Know?

When a deer is frightened, it puts up its tail, showing its white underside. This acts as a warning to other deer of danger. It may also snort a loud whistle through its nose as a danger signal.

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