Spies Needed

Start to the side of the main trail in the back of the parking lot.

Travel back in time and become a spy! The year is 1868 and though the British and French are no longer at war, they like to keep an eye on each other. Halifax is under British control. Because you’re small and quick, the French Adventure Spy Agency asks you to spy for them. Your mission is to gather information on the forts of Point Pleasant using a secret spy code. Don’t get caught!

All spies have code names. Decide on yours.

Practice your spy hiding skills along Cambridge Road on your way to the first stop.

  1. Choose a lookout who says “Hide!” unexpectedly as you walk.
  2. Everyone quickly hides behind a tree or bush.
  3. Come out and continue down the trail.
  4. Choose the next lookout and continue until Tower Hill Road.


Mi’kmaq have inhabited the Halifax area for 1000s of years. The Mi’kmaw word for this area is ‘Kji’puktuk’ (biggest or chief harbour), which the British translated as ‘Chebucto.’ After European contact, many Mi’kmaq would trade with the Europeans and sometimes use the sails from their ships (canvas) as a covering for their wikuoms (wigwams) and other structures instead of the more traditional birchbark or skins.32 “Early on, perhaps in the 16th century, the Mi’kmaq learned to use small European sailing vessels such as the shallop which would have made long-distance trips much easier and safer.”32 The British first established a settlement in Halifax in 1749 and named Point Pleasant at first as ‘Sandwich Point.’ The mid-1700s featured an on-going series of global wars between the English and the French, for which Halifax was the major military base for the British in the Maritimes. There were ongoing hostilities between the Mi’kmaq and the British, and ultimately a series of Peace and Friendship Treaties, which recognize the Indigenous rights of the Mi’kmaq in Canadian law to this day. 

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