Shiver Me Timbers

Read before launching on the dock.

Har, Har! Legends tell of pirates coming to the Northwest Arm to hide their treasures. But these pirates were also hunting for nature’s treasures. The Northwest Arm is full of them. Can you become a nature pirate and find the hidden treasures? Beware, a pirate’s life is full of danger and mystery.

To become a pirate you need pirate gear and a ship. Put on your eye patch and bandana. Mount your pirate flag on your ship (an extra paddle could be the flag pole). Remember to practice pirate boating safety at all times: never stand up in the ship and always wear life jackets.

Let’s hear your best “Har, har, matey!” and we’re off on the high seas!

Do You Know?

The famous pirate Captain Kidd roved the seas from 1650 to 1700. He is thought to have traveled as far north as Halifax. Some think that Captain Kidd hid a great treasure somewhere along Nova Scotia’s coast.

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