Rock Hounds Needed!

Pause just in from the start of the trail.

Become an official Rock Hound and journey to Boulderland. Sniff out the symbols, patterns and gems nature has hidden in stone. Do you have the skills to uncover Boulderland’s secrets? Beware! Legends say this strange land has ferocious flesh-eating plants. Keep your nose to the wind and your eyes peeled!

Put on your Rock Hound Hat (real or imagined) and assume the Rock Hound stance:

  1. Get down on all fours. Bring one hand up in front of you, curv-ing it like a paw.
  2. Stare straight ahead.
  3. Do your best Rock Hound Howl–howl like a dog!

As you walk to your first stop, get out your scope and see how many giant boulders you can count.

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