Rats, Can You Survive?

Start next to the observation balcony on the waterfront boardwalk in front of the Marriot Casino Hotel. There is a big three dimensional sign saying Canada right next to the platform.

What’s the neatest creature on the waterfront? Why a wharf rat of course! People give rats a bad reputation. Rats live wherever people live, and without knowing it, we interact with them almost every day. Your mission is to become a rat, outwit those humans and survive! Rats mostly come out at night but you’re an adventurous and hungry rat. To start:

  1. Put on your rat costume.
  2. Come up with a rat sound to warn other rats of danger.
  3. Give your warning sound if you see a human wearing red, then hide.

To survive you need to be on the lookout for three things:

  • Danger – what could harm a rat on the Halifax waterfront?
  • Food – what does a rat eat and where can you get it?
  • Shelter – where can you go to sleep or to escape from danger?

Wharf rats, also called Norway rats, sewer rats, brown rats or water rats, came to North America on ships with the first wave of European settlers in the late 1700s. The rats came over in the ships’ holds among the food supplies. Today there are likely as many rats as there are people in the world. People see them as pests because they eat food supplies, destroy buildings and carry diseases. Don’t chase or corner a rat as they can be very vicious when frightened.

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