Let’s Go to Monster Training

Walk on the main trail for about 150 m, past the heart-shaped pond and past the first path that goes around the pond. Turn right at the next trail onto the Rockingham Loop, following the stone reinforcing wall and railing on the right as you go uphill. Go uphill 90 m and stop at a second Rockingham Loop sign.

Calling all monsters for Monster Training Camp. Did you know that monsters really aren’t scary! They are friendly and gentle and only act scary for fun. In fact, they’re afraid of people. Meet the giant monsters in Hemlock Ravine and discover the skills you need to be a monster. Put together your own monster outfit as you go. If you’re clever, you’ll meet the Ravine’s oldest and wisest monster.

To begin, put on your funniest monster face and give your best monster roar. Now do the Monster March up the trail:

  1. Hold your arms out to the sides and let your forearms hang down.
  2. Keep your legs far apart and stomp up the trail.
  3. Make your monster face and roar as you stomp.

Do You Know?

In 1794 Prince Edward (Queen Victoria’s father) spent time in Hemlock Ravine with his companion Julie. The Prince had the heart-shaped pond built and called it Julie’s pond. He also had a round music pavillion built overlooking Bedford Basin as a gift for her. It is on the waterside of the Bedford Highway near the park entry road.

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