Enter the World of Small

Walk across the lawn to the left of the main house and head straight down to the lake shore. Go to a large old stump on the shore and turn left on the gravel path. Walk 150 m to a white wooden bridge on the path. Walk 15 m past the bridge and stand in the grassy area between the two paths on the left.

Enter the world of small and become an ant. You are a worker ant sent here to scout out a place for a new ant city, called a colony. This is where many ants live and work together, just like in a human city. Explore different areas to see where you can meet your needs for food, shelter and recreation. Be ready to crawl to see things from an ant’s point of view. Put on your ant costume and become an ant. Since ants are very social insects, practice the ant greeting:

  1. Find a partner and get down on your hands and knees and face each other.
  2. Bow your heads to each other and gently touch each other’s antennae together.
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