Discover the Secrets to Survival

Start inside the ring of small trees at the beginning of the bike park trail at the edge of the parking lot.

Imagine that 20 years ago a great ‘asteroid’ destroyed this landscape and all plants and animals disappeared here. People went underground to live because they could not survive on the hot, dry and barren landscape. But after this apocalypse, life has slowly started clawing its way back and recolonizing the landscape. You are part of the Restoration Research Squad and are returning to the surface to see what the secrets are to these plants and animals surviving here. Your fellow humans are counting on you to discover the six secrets to survival in this barren land. Then you can report back and teach them to others. Make notes and drawings in your Adventure Journal. You may see fast, 2-wheeled creatures zipping by and making a lot of noise. Try to stay out of their way.

Let’s climb out of the ground to begin our search.

  1. Everyone crouch low to the ground, close your eyes, and climb an invisible ladder until you are standing tall again. You have climbed up to the surface! Squint and shield your eyes to adjust to the bright sunlight.
  2. Take out your spy scope and look out into the crater below. What do you see? Do you see any dangers? Is it safe to go out into the open? Are you prepared? Make sure you have water… It can be hot out there!
  3. Stand in a circle and everyone come up with a call to tell the others the coast is clear.
  4. When ready, everyone give their call. Now let’s go!

Chute Park Sand Quarry

Humans are environment changers. We use natural resources from the Earth, like sand and gravel from this quarry, to build roads, make cement and glass. This pit was mined about 20 years ago and is now in the process of succession, slowly re-wilding itself with hardy plants and animals. Discuss the positives and negatives of quarries.

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