Discover the Forest Dragons and their Secrets

Walk up the path from the parking lot and go just past the picnic shelter and step off the trail to the right in the trees.

This old-growth forest is special because it is full of dragons! Not all forests have dragons, just the very old ones, which are rare these days. Along the trail, you will discover the four Secrets of Dragon Survival, and at the end, unscramble the letters in the boxes to learn the final message from the forest dragons.

The first thing you need to know about dragons is that they are very shy and come in many different colours, shapes and sizes, from tiny bug size to gigantic tree size. They prefer to share secrets with other forest animals so first we need to act like a creature they know very well, the Red Squirrel, and maybe they will show us some signs. Look for Red Squirrels chasing and darting in and out of the picnic shelter looking for treats! Let’s join in the fun!

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