Destination Planet Earth

Start just past the fence and between the 2 big pine trees on the path just beyond the parking lot.

As an alien explorer on a spaceship from the planet Hanwavel, your mission is to find life forms on other planets in the Milky Way Galaxy. One solar system has a very lively planet called Earth that you are lucky enough to land on. Use this guide to discover new life forms here. The scientists on Hanwavel will be so excited to see the cool stuff you discover. Some folks say that Earth has creatures that carry their homes on their backs and creatures that breathe through their skin. Maybe you will see some of these cool creatures. Use your Adventure Journal to describe all the creatures you see and be the best planet explorers ever!

First, give yourself an alien name. Now raise up and turn on your alien antennae so you can detect life forms by wiggling your index fingers above your head. Practice the Hanwavel greeting in case you meet strange life forms:

  1. Stand with your legs apart and bend your knees.
  2. Stick your arms out to the sides and wave them up and down.
  3. In your best alien voice, say “Ooga Booga Shmuk”.
  4. Do the Hanwavel greeting to any life form you see along your journey. 

Report to your ship’s galactic transporter to beam down to Earth:

  1. One at a time, stand between the 2 big trees.
  2. Hold your arms straight above your head.
  3. Turn around three times and jump forward.

Our Home – The Milky Way Galaxy

Our solar system, with the Sun at its centre, is home to 8 planets. Earth is the 3rd planet away from our sun, and the only one that we know can sustain life.

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