Can You Outsmart Brother Nature?

Stop at the beginning of the trail.

Mother Nature is filled with riddles and Brother Nature thought up most of them. He’s a trickster who thinks he can outsmart folks like you. Test your skills by trying to solve his riddles along the trail.

Try these for practice:

Who is the forest’s jolliest resident?

What stays in one spot but always moves to the sea?

Now find a neat natural item and create your own riddle for it in your Adventure Journal. Try to solve each other’s riddles.

You need sharp eyes to find riddle clues in nature. Search for these natural items as you walk to the next stop:

  • a cone
  • a neat leaf
  • a rock as big as your thumb
  • a tiny cave or hole in the ground
  • an insect
  • something yellow
  • a tiny tree
  • something shiny
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