Become a Rollad!

Go 100 m up the trail and stop where it levels off just before a steep uphill stretch. Looking uphill from here you can see a 5 m tall towering boulder with 2 small spruce trees growing on top of it.

Rollads are curious fun-loving creatures that use all of their senses to explore in nature. They are alphabetophiles. That means they love letters. To reach Rolladhood and receive a Degree of Letters, all young Rollads must use their senses to unscramble nature’s hidden message.23 Do you have what it takes to earn your degree and become an adult Rollad?

  1. Do the Rollad call, a high-pitched sound that goes “Roll-ad, Roll-ad, Roll-ad.”
  2. Roll on the ground when you are excited. On wet days, spin instead of roll.
  3. Say hello to each other by patting each other on the head.
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