Beam Down to Earth

Start on the boardwalk leaving the parking lot and walk 40 m to the kiosk on the left.

You are an alien from the planet Blicktar about to beam down to earth from your space ship. You’re on a safari scouting out this strange blue and green planet for interesting life forms. Record evidence of them for your official Blicktar safari report. Describe any strange creatures and their weird habits.

First, get on your safari gear and give yourself an alien name.

Now practice the traditional Blicktar greeting in case you meet strange life forms:

  1. Stand with your legs far apart and bend your knees.
  2. Stick your arms out to the sides and wave them up and down.
  3. In your best alien voice, say “Ooga Booga Shmuck”.

Report to your ship’s galactic transporter to beam down to earth:

  1. Stand on the boardwalk just outside the kiosk.
  2. Look up.
  3. Spin three times while looking at the sky. (Don’t get so dizzy that you fall down!)
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