Creators & Contributors

The Creators

Alan Warner

Alan is a bundle of creative energy who is always ready for the next adventure, be it hiking, paddling or cross-country skiing. He has been designing and directing experiential environmental education programs for more than two decades. He works with the Halifax Adventure Earth Centre and is Professor Emeritus in Community Development at Acadia University. He has a doctorate in community psychology and a bachelor’s degree in education.

George Taylor

When there’s a spare moment, you’ll find George fishing on a nearby river, mentoring a young person in the outdoors, or singing songs around the campfire. He is retired from his life work being responsible for the outdoor recreation and education section of Parks and Recreation Services for the Halifax Regional Municipality, which includes the Halifax Adventure Earth Centre. George ran experiential environmental education programs for Halifax for three decades and is now a leader in Hike Nova Scotia’s Reconnecting with Nature Leadership Program. He has a bachelor of science degree in biology and recreation.

Lois Beardon

Lois loves spending time in nature, which provides inspiration for her many artistic gifts: drawing, painting, sculpture and stone masonry, to name a few. You will see her magical touch sprinkled across the Annapolis Valley, from the Fair Trade Coffee Museum in Grand Pre to the kids crowded into the pottery tent at the community centre. She runs a small business drawing, painting signs and helping those in need of a creative touch.

Shane Warner

Shane has a gift for creating fun, attractive and interactive worlds in cyberspace. Founder of Mycelium Design, Shane is a freelance web developer and designer who works with local organizations and businesses who are doing good in the world. When not building websites, you can usually find Shane outside working in the garden and forest or exploring some amazing natural areas.

Tammy Mudge– Young Gray Wolf
Ntlutewamu’k Paqtism ji’j

Tammy is a member of Glooscap First Nation where she resides with her 4 beautiful children. She is currently undertaking a Master of Community Development degree at Acadia University. Tammy is heavily involved in community activities and is a founding member of the Glooscap First Nation Family Recreation Committee. Tammy loves spending time in nature, in all capacities, and thoroughly enjoys the many gifts nature has to offer. 

Marina Myra

Marina is a nature nut who has worn many hats. She has been a biologist, nature educator and is currently a science and math teacher in the Annapolis Valley. Her goal is to instill the love of the planet in her students and she strives to bring a bit of nature’s magic to everything that she does.

Janet Barlow

Also known as Willow, Janet loves chocolate, hiking and helping others to discover the wonder of the forest at night. Currently the Executive Director of Hike Nova Scotia, she has worked for more than 20 years with a variety of Nova Scotian non-profit and governmental organizations in project management, policy development, outdoor recreation, hiking and trails, nature education and active transportation.

The Sponsors

The amount of money and support it takes to produce a work of this nature is tremendous.

Thank you to Nova Scotia Communities, Cultures and Heritage for sponsoring the project to revise, add cultural content and digitize the Earth Adventures. The Nova Scotia Department of Health Promotion and Protection co-sponsored the development of the original book (2003).

Thank you to Halifax Recreation Services and the former HRM Sustainable Environment Management Office for sponsoring the development of the original book (2003) and its subsequent 2nd and 3rd editions (2007 & 2010).

Thank you to the Blomidon Field Naturalists, the Municipality of Kings County, the Village of New Minas and the Towns of Kentville and Wolfville for their support of the Kings County trails.

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